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An introduction to Daisen City

Akita ShinkansenDaisen CityDaisen City is situated in the southern inland region of Akita prefecture.
The northern region city boarder reaches Akita City and Semboku City while the southern region stretches to Yurihonjo City, Yokote City and Misato Town and also backs onto Iwate Prefecture.
For many years Akita has been reliant on transportation from the south. Even today the Akita Shinkansen, Akita motorway, main roads and railway system are based on a strong functional network and hub. Thanks to this, an advanced National and Prefectural transportation system has been established centered on the Semboku region, just one of the prefectures eight regions.
Maintenance of the Akita motorway has allowed easy access to Akita Airport and has also brought the capital City to within a daytrip by Akita Shinkansen providing Akita with a greater opportunity for outside exchange.

Population, area
A current population of 94,513 (01/01/2007)

Daisen Travel Guide
Daisen Travel Guide